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Welcome to Canvas and Cabernet,  Locally owned and Operated

in the heart of Downtown Barrie  

Memories, Moments, Magic

Join us for your special event

72 Dunlop St E
Barrie, ON, L4M 1A4

(705) 238 1687 or (705) 252 9463 (wine)

Canvas and Cabernet is a fun night out for anyone over 19  who enjoys music wine and art. While Canvas and Cabernet is a wine bar 7 days a week, we also offer 6 paint classes for the inexperienced artist in all of us. Instructed step by step by our artists , you will leave satisfied, having created a unique piece. Ckeck out our website    Choose your date and reserve your class today.

A Little wine, A Little Paint and a Whole Lot of Fun!  Memories, Moments, MAgic


Food Menu

Snacks-   Bread and dips  $13      Veggie platter  $13   Smoked Salmon  $14  Edamame with Sea salt $5  


Salads- Caesar, Beet and Mandarin, Citrus and Caprese  all $13   with homemade dressings


Panini...  Ha Ha Hum - $15  Ham,  hummus and Havarti  Side salad choice

               Spicy Italian- $15 Spicy Italian meat, cheese, mustard and spinach  Side salad choice

               Pesto, Roasted Red Pepper and Cheese - $15 with side salad choice

Pizza- Flat bread with assorted toppings custom made for you.

Charcuterie- $29.50 for 2 people.    $18 for a single

Cured meat, cheese, olives, crisps, dips, jellies, fresh bread, nuts and dried fruit. 

Ask server for daily specials