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Welcome to Canvas and Cabernet,  Locally owned and Operated

in the heart of Downtown Barrie  

Memories, Moments, Magic

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72 Dunlop St E
Barrie, ON, L4M 1A4

(705) 238 1687 or (705) 252 9463 (wine)

Canvas and Cabernet is a fun night out for anyone over 19  who enjoys music wine and art. While Canvas and Cabernet is a wine bar 7 days a week, we also offer 6 paint classes for the inexperienced artist in all of us. Instructed step by step by our artists , you will leave satisfied, having created a unique piece. Ckeck out our website    Choose your date and reserve your class today.

A Little wine, A Little Paint and a Whole Lot of Fun!  Memories, Moments, MAgic



Frequently asked questions


Guests Do Not have to paint to enjoy Canvas and Cabernet.  We are a wine bar, cocktail lounge and a European style restaurant.

CANVAS AND CABERNET IS NOT "PAINT NITE", Your beverage is included and there is no time limit on the class, the space is dedicated to your experience. 

What is a painting class like at Canvas and Cabernet?

The classes are a stress-free group setting where an artist instructor will guide you step-by-step replicating the featured painting. You will be sure to go home with a painting that is uniquely yours and you will be amazed at the artwork you will have created. The classes start at the set time, so we suggest you arrive 15-30 minutes early to register and get the seat of your choice. Classes last approximately 2 hours and there are frequent breaks.


Is Canvas and Cabernet an art instruction studio?

While you will learn how to create a painting you'll be proud of, the focus is on fun and having a unique night out. During the class we play fun music, enjoy fine wine and give you the chance to socialize with your date, friends or significant other. It's a class you won't soon forget and our instructors place an emphasis on having fun. We do offer advanced classes periodically for those more serious about learning new techniques and working with locally famous artists...but still having fun.


Do I need to sign up in advance?

There is limited seating, so we highly recommend signing up in advance. The easiest way is to register online by going to our calendar page. You will be able to view the featured painting for each class and you can request to be seated with your friends. You can also call our studio directly at  705 238 1687 and register over the phone.


What is the cost of a class at Canvas and Cabernet?

The price for each class is $50 plus taxes and includes a complimentary beverage, beer wine, highball, teas or coffee. Check our Specials page and Facebook to take advantage of ongoing specials!   Food is available for purchase.


What is included in the price?

We provide everything you will need for the class, a 16" x 20" canvas,  palette, paint, brushes, easels and aprons.

A complimentary beverage is included with each registration.


What do I wear?

We will provide aprons, but recommend that you wear something comfortable that you wouldn't mind getting paint on!   The dress code Canvas and Cabernet is smart casual. In the summer months, please no cuts off shorts, bathing suits or bare feet.


What time do I need to arrive for a class?

We recommend getting there 15 -30 minutes prior to your class to get registered and get situated.. Classes start promptly and you will need a few minutes to get settled.


What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy if you need to cancel. Cancellations should be made by phone or by emailing us at This provides us the opportunity to fill the space.  Sorry, but we cannot give refunds or class credit for No Shows or last-minute cancellations. Thank you in advance for your respect of our reservation policy.

Note: Canvas and Cabernet reserves the right to cancel a painting session at any time due to class size, weather, sickness, etc. If we feel we need to cancel a painting session, every attempt will be made to notify those that have signed up for session.  You will be given the option of rescheduling your session.


When does the new schedule come out?

We try to post our schedule at least 2 months  in advance. Be sure to check the Facebook page  list to learn about upcoming events, specials and new paintings!


What is Open Paint?

Individuals can come in to our studio during normal business hours and paint on their own! There is a $35 fee per person. There is no instruction, but you can use our paintings as inspiration! The fee includes one canvas and the use of art materials including paint, brushes, palette and apron. Beverages are not included, but are available for sale. We recommend checking the schedule or calling ahead of time!


I missed a painting that I really want to paint! How often will you repeat paintings?

Please let us know! We will keep this in mind when scheduling future classes!


Do you provide alcohol?

We prominently feature wines from California, Australia, France, Italy and Argentina, South Africa, Chile  and Ontario. We will also offer Champagne, mimosas and beer. Other beverages such as water , juice and soda, coffee and teas are also available. A complimentary beverage is included with each registration.  However, wine can be purchased by the glass or bottle. Please remember you must be 19 years old to enter our premises, as we are considered a wine bar.

Since we are a wine bar, our business does not allow BYOB.


If I come with a friend or a group, can we all sit together?

We always try to seat friends and parties together. When registering for a class, be sure to have everyone enter a "Group Name" and we will make sure to seat everyone together. In order to seat everyone together, we do have assigned seating. If you forgot to list a group name, please call us and we can update your reservation.


Can we host a private party at Canvas and Cabernet?

Yes! See our Private Events page for details.


Can I change the style of the featured painting?

Absolutely! Our guests are welcomed to change up their unique art piece. Our instructors will be there to answer any questions or provide some advice.


What is the age limit?

Guests must be 19 or over to attend any of our classes. Because we are selling liquor, children or individuals under 19 cannot enter the premises.


Can I schedule a painting party for my child?

Because you have to be over 19 to enter our studio, we cannot have a children’s party.  See our Private Events page for details.


What is your policy about gift certificates or refunds?

You must present all coupons/cards/gift certificates - no exceptions! If you registered for a class and paid full price and have a new coupon, we cannot refund the difference. However, consider using the new coupon for a future class!


I have a coupon code and it does not work. Should I just make a reservation and ask for a refund?

Please call us as soon as possible so we can help you with your reservation. No refunds please! You must present your gift certificate, so don't forget to bring it!


I won a free class. How do I make my reservation?

Please use the gift certificate code listed on the back of your card to make an online reservation. You also have the option to call to make your reservation. You must present the card!


I have a GIFT CeRTIFICATE for a free class. Can I make the reservation for more than 1 person?

We do recommend two separate reservations - 1 for the free class using the correct gift card code, and 1 for a regular seat. However, if you end up making 1 reservation for the two seats, please know there will be a balance due at check-in since you were not charged for the 2nd seat.


Do you offer food during classes?

Yes, food is available for purchase. We offer charcuterie, panini and salads, best enjoyed prior to or after the class.   End it all with chocolate and imported sweet cheese.  Please call the studio for more information.  Special requests can be accommodated.