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Welcome to Canvas and Cabernet,  Locally owned and Operated

in the heart of Downtown Barrie  

Memories, Moments, Magic

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72 Dunlop St E
Barrie, ON, L4M 1A4

(705) 238 1687 or (705) 252 9463 (wine)

Canvas and Cabernet is a fun night out for anyone over 19  who enjoys music wine and art. While Canvas and Cabernet is a wine bar 7 days a week, we also offer 6 paint classes for the inexperienced artist in all of us. Instructed step by step by our artists , you will leave satisfied, having created a unique piece. Ckeck out our website    Choose your date and reserve your class today.

A Little wine, A Little Paint and a Whole Lot of Fun!  Memories, Moments, MAgic


About Us


Canvas and Cabernet

Canvas and Cabernet is a welcome addition to the Barrie Downtown and has something for everyone.  Guests can enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy wine and charcuterie, with specialty breads, cured meats, salads, panini's as well as specialty cheese and chocolate.  

Secondly, artist or not, everyone can create their own masterpiece,  sip wine, and listen to music in a beautiful atmosphere. Canvas and Cabernet painting classes are held in the afternoon from 1:30 pm to 3:30pm and evenings from 7pm to 9pm .  There are 6 classes per week and the featured paintings are displayed throughout the studio for easy viewing.  The classes are vibrant, the sound system is professional and the music is inspiring. Classes are instructed in a step by step format giving plenty of time to visit, sip wine, chair dance and just have fun.



Fundraisers and Draws

Canvas and Cabernet  offers fundraising events for a chosen charity as well as corporate events for team building and community awareness, check back for more information on events and fundraisers.

Spaces are available to those who want to come paint on their own for $35.00 and just enjoy the atmosphere. Please call or email to set up your reservation.

Canvas and Cabernet is Locally owned and Operated

Gift Shop, Gallery and More


Canvas and Cabernet also offers gift certificates. Cash cards in any denomination.